1. This Privacy Policy specifies the rules of processing personal data collected by Online Store available at (hereinafter referred to as 'Online Store').
2. The owner of the Online Store as well as Personal Data Administrator is Iwona Piotrowska, who conducts the business under the name CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska, based in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Postcode: 66-400, address: ul. Bohaterów Westerplatte 33a/2, registered in Central Register and Information on Business, operated by the Minister of Development, NIP (Tax Identification number): 5971518009, REGON (Register of Companies reference number): 320312743, hereinafter referred to as 'CarLabImmo'.
3. CarLabImmo takes great care to respect the privacy of the customers visiting the Online Store.

§ 1 How is the data collected?
1. CarLabImmo collects information about natural persons performing legal activity not related directly to their business activity, natural persons conducting economic or business activity under their own name, and natural persons who represent legal persons or organizational units that are not legal persons, to whom the law gives legal capacity, conducting economic or business activity under their own name, hereinafter collectively referred to as 'Customers'.
2. The Customers' personal data is collected in the following situations:
a) Registration in the Online Store;
b) Placing an order in the Online Store;
c) Subscribing to the newsletter.
3. In the case of Online Store account registration, the Customer provides only an email address.
4. During the registration process in the Online Store, the Customer creates a unique password that grants access to the account. The Customer may change the password later, based on the rules stated in §4.
5. While making an order in the Online Store, the Customer provides the following data:
a) Addres:
a.Postcode and City;
b. Country;
c. Street name, house/apartment number;
b) First and last name.
6. In the case of entrepreneurs, in addition to the above-mentioned data, the following information shall be provided:
a) The entrepreneur's Company name;
b) NIP (Tax Identification Number).
7. In the case of newsletter, the Customer provides only an email address.
8. Additional data may be collected when using the Online Store, especially the following: IP address assigned to the Customer's computer or external IP address of the Internet Service Provider, domain name, internet browser, access time, operating system.
9. Navigation data, including information about links and references that the Customers use, as well as other activities made in the Online Store, shall also be collected.

§ 2 How is the collected data used?
1. In the case of registration in the Online Store, the Customer's data is used to create and manage an individual account.
2. Navigation data may be used to ensure better service, statistical data analysis, adjusting the Online Store to the Customer's preferences, and Online Store administration.
3. In a situation when the Customer chooses to make a payment via WesternUnion system, the personal data shall be given to Western Union Ltd., based in the USA, 12500 E. Belford Ave Englewood, CO 80112, to the extent necessary to complete the payment process
4. In a situation when the Customer subscribes to the newsletter, CarLabImmo shall send emails containing trade information about discounts and new products available in the Online Store to the Customer's email address.

§ 3 Cookies mechanism, IP address
1. The Online Store uses small-size files, called cookies. CarLabImmo saves them on the device of an individual who is visiting the Online Store, provided this option is enabled by the internet browser. A cookie file usually contains domain name from which it originates, its 'expiration time', and a unique, randomly generated number identifying this file. Information gathered from cookies help customise products offered by CarLabImmo to the personal preferences and actual needs of individuals visiting the Online Store. It makes it possible to create general statistics of visits for a given product in the Online Store.
2. CarLabImmo makes use of two types of cookie files:
a) Session cookies: after a browser ends a session or a device is turned off, the stored information is removed from the memory of the device. The session cookies mechanism does not allow to download any sort of personal or private data from the Customer's devices;
b) Persistent cookies: files are stored in the memory of the Customer's device and are kept there until they expire or are removed. The persistent cookies mechanism does not allow to download any sort of personal or private data from the Customer's devices.
3. CarLabImmo uses its own cookies to:
a) authenticate the Customer in the Online Store and to ensure an open session for the Customer in the Online Store (after logging in), thanks to which the Customer does not have to log in and type in the password each time a new subpage of the Online Store is entered;
b) perform analyses and research, study the visits on the website, and most importantly create anonymous statistics that help to understand how the Customers use the Online Store website, thanks to which the structure and content of the website can be improved.
4. CarLabImmo uses third-party cookies to:
a) popularise the Online Store using social media service ) (third-party cookies administrator: Facebook Inc., based in the USA or Facebook Ireland, based in Ireland;
b) gather general and anonymous statistics using Google Analytics tools (third-party cookies administrator: Google Inc., based in the USA);
c) present the Certificate by Rzetelny Regulamin using the website (third-party cookies administrator: Rzetelna Grupa sp. z o.o., based in Warsaw).
5. The cookies mechanism is safe for the Online Store Customers' devices. It is particurarily safe from viruses and unwanted or malicious software. However, internet browsers give Customers the possibility of disabling or limiting cookies on the devices. If this option is selected, using the Online Store will still be possible, although without the functions that inherently require cookies.
6. Instructions on how to change cookie settings of popular internet browsers can be found below:
a) Internet Explorer web browser;
b) Microsoft EDGE web browser;
c) Mozilla Firefox web browser;
d) Chrome web browser;
e) Safari web browser;
f) Opera web browser.
7. CarLabImmo may collect the Customer's IP addresses. An IP address is a number assigned by an Internet Service Provider to a device of an individual who is visiting the Online Store. IP address enables access to the Internet. In most cases it is assigned to a device dynamically, which means that it changes each time a user is connected to the Internet. That is why it is treated as general, non-personal identification data. IP address is used by CarLabImmo to diagnose technical issues with the server, create statistical analyses (e.g. to determine what regions make the most visits), as information helpful with managing and improving the Online Store, in security matters, and in identification of unwanted automatic software for browsing the content of the Online Store which may lead to server overload.
8. The Online Store contains links and references to third-party websites. CarLabImmo bears no responsibility for these websites' privacy policies.

§ 4 Data access and protection
1. Personal data collected by CarLabImmo via the Online Store is processed pursuant to the Data Protection Act 1997 (Dz. U. 2016, item 922)
2. Only authorised CarLabImmo employess have access to the Customers' personal data collected by the Online Store.
3. The Customers' personal data can be sent to other entities, based on regulations of the law or with the Customer's consent. The list of above-mentioned entities can be found in section 'How is the data collected?'.
4. CarLabImmo guarantees that the Customers with a registered account shall have constant access to the personal data that can be accessed after logging into the Online Store, along with the possibility to modify the personal data.
5. The Customer may delete personal data from the database. CarLabImmo may refuse to delete the Customer's personal data if the Customer breached the Online Store's terms and conditions. Keeping the personal information is necessary for the purpose of explaining the situation and determining who is responsible, particularily for the purpose of CarLabImmo pursuing claims against such Customer.
6. As regards newsletter, the Customer may delete their email address from the mailing list.
7. In a situation when a Customer who has an Online Store account loses the password to the account for some reason, the Online Store gives the opportunity to generate a new password. CarLabImmo does not send password reminders. The password is stored in an encrypted form, making it impossible to be accessed. For the purpose of generating a new password, an e-mail address given during registration needs to be typed into a form available using the link 'Lost your password?'. An email shall be sent to the Customer's email address, containing a link that will redirect the user to a dedicated form available in the Online Store. Using this form, the Customer will be able to create a new password.
8. CarLabImmo shall never send any correspondence, including electronic correspondence, asking the Customers for their login information, especially the password to their Online Store account.

§ 5 Changes to Privacy Policy
1. The Privacy Policy can undergo a change. CarLabImmo shall inform the Customers 7 days in advance.
2. Questions regarding the Privacy Policy can be sent to the following address:
3. Last updated: 29.06.2017