A must-have tool for professionals.

We proudly present a device into which we have put 20 years of our experience, passion and knowledge of car electronics.
Meet a device that is failure-free, but not expensive. Universal, but incredibly easy to use.
A device designed for those who treat their job seriously. Just like you and us.

The main functions of Julie Emulator

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Julie Black Version

New generation. New posibilities. Same old price.

Our engineers have completely redesigned Julie in order to make using it even easier.
We took this opportunity to add some new functions and components to the emulator.
Meet the new, black, two-sided Julie Emulator.

Colour is not the only thing that has changed...

Black colour is often associated with luxury, professionalism and premium products. Considering this, there was no other option than to give Julie a new black colour paired with gold elements.

Elegant, sleek and professional.

Two sides. Double power.

We just couldn’t fit all new features and components on only one side of the emulator, so we decided
to make use of the space on the other side. Because, why not?

More comfortable program selection

The jumpers that you solder in order to select programs have been moved to the back side of the emulator. Thanks to this change, we have gained some extra space.

Additional 24C02 memory

The new version of Julie contains a memory that you previously needed to get yourself. Adding this memory directly into the emulator is too important not to devote more attention to it...

External memory. Inside the emulator.

No more complicated procedures, tiresome soldering of memory legs or adapter into the emulator.
From now on, 24C02 memory is built directly into Julie Emulator!
If a certain program requires using this memory, simply unsolder it, program it according to our instructions and solder it back in its place.

LED Version Indicator

We have noticed, that our customers quite often do not know which version of Julie Emulator they have, therefore not knowing
if their emulator has the latest programs.
From now on, you can check your Julie Emulator version by simply connecting it to power supply.

Julie's capabilities

Powerful. Unrivaled. Universal

Let’s be honest - Julie has no rivals.
Not only because of its superb quality, but most of all because of its vast capabilities.

From the very beginning we have been focusing mainly on immobilisers.
So it goes without saying that immo is the specialty for our emulator.
Julie Emulator enables you to turn off or replace original immobiliser signal in thousands of popular ECUs and cars.

To make the terminology easier, we have decided that all programs dedicated to immo are called IMMO OFF programs. Although the majority of programs do not actually remove immobiliser permanently, but replace it, the effect remains the same - as long as Julie Emulator is connected to the ECU, the immobiliser is turned off.

Latest IMMO OFF solutions


Visteon DCU 102 | Citroen / Peugeot

MM IAW 5SF8 | Fiat / Alfa Romeo / Lancia

Hottest IMMO OFF solutions

Simos PCR2.1 | VAG group

Simos PPD1.2 | VAG group

Siemens SIM32 | Citroen & Peugeot

All immo OFF solutions by brand

With Julie Emulator you can also replace the Electronic Steering Wheel Lock signal
in some of the most popular Mercedes and Renault models.

It happens quite often that the ESL becomes damaged or blocked. Now you don’t have to
replace it with a new, expensive module. All you need is Julie Emulator.
Trust us - you will save loads of money!

ESL/ELV replacement solutions by brand

Julie Emulator also lets you diagnose a popular problem with the passenger
seat occupancy sensor. All you need to do is connect Julie Emulator to
the passenger’s seat occupancy plug - if the passenger’s seat occupancy
sensor was damaged, the error on the dashboard will no longer show up.
Easy and affordable!

ESL/ELV replacement solutions by brand

The last function of Julie is related to the instrument cluster on the dashboard.
Juolie can simulate the signal from the car, which will help you determine if
the instrument cluster is working correctly before installing it into the car.

Tacho solutions by brand

Other qualities of Julie

Fall in love with Julie.

No commitments...

Like any woman, our Julie also has qualities that you notice at first sight and the ones that are hidden deeper -
you can only notice them after you get to know Julie better.
Right now, we’re going to tell you about all the qualities at once!

Quality. It’s all about quality...

The biggest quality that we have acquired during all our years on the market is the trust of our customers.

Best materials.

Julie Emulator is electronics of the finest quality.
High-grade materials, professional assembly process,
no half measures or second-class components.

3x tested.

We check the functioning of each emulator at least three times during production. No mistake will slip through!

Failure free.

Thanks to the above-mentioned factors we are 100% sure that every emulator that leaves our company is working correctly and ready for action! That’s why can proudly say that no Julie Emulator in history was returned for reclamation.

RoHs Technology.

We put much effort into making our product safe for the environment. That’s why every new Julie Emulator is manufactured in compliance with RoHS technology, meets all requirements regarding the content of materials which are harmful for the environment, such as lead, cadmium or mercury.

Service & Support. For your comfort.

We know that our role doesn’t end when you buy our Emulator. Actually, you will mostly need our support afterwards.
And we’re providing it to you as best as possible. With no extra costs.

User guides.
Instruction manuals.

Every solution that you find in Julie is described in detail instructions made by us. We pay attention to make them as clear, simple and obvious as possible.
And we constantly want to make them better!

Tech support.
Official Forum.

Every customer can receive advice and support from our technicians - the biggest immo experts in the world! Do you need to calculate a checksum? Is any procedure not clear enough? Or maybe you need a new solution? Go ahead and write a post on the Forum!

Software updates.
For free.

We constantly upgrade our Emulator by adding new solutions to it. Because of this, we provide free update to the latest software version. You simply cover the cost of shipping and you can enjoy the latest versions of Julie Emulator!

Video tutorials.
Technical YouTube Channel

Although we cannot come to your workshop in person, watching our movies will make you feel as if we were there! We’ve recorded dozens of tutorial videos showing how to use Julie Emulator and we are still creating new ones!

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