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Our technical forum is a unique place in the internet, a place where you can find only professional and expert answers to your technical questions regarding car electronics. What’s interesting, only qualified professionals give answers on our forum. Other users can reply only to to the threads they created.
That’s why you have 100% guarantee that you will get a professional, detailed answer.

Expert knowledge

only qualified professionals give answers on our forum

Over 7200 topics

A staggering number of posts and constant progress of our forum are a sign of its superb quality

Ordered posts

We pay attention to keep the forum clean and ordered. Threads are named according to a template, which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for

How can I use the forum?

The forum was mainly built for our customers who have bought one of our products. It’s the only way to get technical support for our products.

Recently, we divided it into two parts: a part of Immo Bypass users and a part for users of our emulators - Julie and Clixe. Below you can find a comparison of the two parts and their features.

As you see, Immo Bypass users gain many options unavailable to others. Although anyone can write and read posts on the forum, it’s important to remember that the modified files will be added to Immo Bypass database - therefore only accessible for Immo Bypass users with an active subscription.

What if you don’t have any of our products?

If you’re not sure which product you should use, or you want to know more about how their work, you will definitely find the materials that we prepared very useful. Detailed information about the features and functioning of our emulators can be found in instruction manuals and tutorial videos made by us. And if you want to know more about what’s inside Immo Bypass, you can use our search engine or create a free Immo Bypass account that will allow you to browse the folders of Immo Bypass without the need to buy a full access.